Practice your soccer skills by hitting one of the many targets or show off by kicking the ball into the soccer net. 3 cages available for people of all sizes and skill levels.

In 2015 we added 8 new Single Karts and 3 new Double Karts. We have Kiddie Karts for those not yet ready for the big time. Race your friends on our lighted track and see who the best driver is.

Come experience our 18 hole lighted miniature golf course. Can you avoid the obstacles and get a hole-in-one? You have 18 chances to try. Keep score or just play a relaxing round. Fun entertainment for the whole family. 

Mini Golf

Regardless of your skill level, we have room for you at one of our over 50 lighted practice bays. Hit the 275 foot back fence or one of our 4 greens at varying distances. Hit the old van or aim at one of the many other targets on the range. We also have grass tees, a sand trap, and a chance to win a free small bucket. Check us out.

Go Karts

Jump Shot

​Joe Manczko's

Now Open Daily 10 am to 7 pm for 2017

Weather Permitting

Experience playing basketball like the pro's. Soar near the rim with the help of our trampoline. Compete against a friend or see how many points you can score on your own.

Soccer Cages

Batting Cages

Are you a Major League, Minor League, or Little League baseball player? We have cages for all skill levels. If softball is your specialty, try our fast pitch softball cage, or practice your swings in one of our two slow pitch softball cages.

Driving Range